Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why E-mail Marketing is needed?

E-mail marketing campaigns have becoming increasingly popular as of late. As e-mail marketers’ usage grows, so does its benefits. Marketers now use e-mail as part of their business-to-business and business-to-consumer integrated marketing mix, as most recipients accept and even welcome targeted, opt-in e-mail. According to the recent research survey, 60% of business decision makers prefer e-mail and the internet over other mediums for receiving marketing messages. Not to mention that the cost-per qualified lead can be 5% to 15% less when using online media.

Marketers intent on planning online marketing campaigns and practicing effective e-mail design should understand the importance of using and reaping these multiple benefits.

If you have decided to implement Email marketing concept in your marketing process then it needs some know how about this topic.

·        Why does email marketing present a benefit over other forms of marketing? Once you have gone through the email concepts you will be able to properly evaluate the success of an email campaign. There are various things which come beneath the email concepts like open rate, click through rate, deliverability, personalization, list cleaning, list spamming, opt-in, opt-out, subscribe and unsubscribe rate. By evaluating all the email concepts we can easily enhance the marketing. It derives better ROI (Return on investment) to the company and in the same way the productivity of a company increases.

Here are some of the benefits which are associated with email marketing-

Reduced the overhead of Time and Effort : Unlike the conception of print post mailing and telesales campaign which takes a lot of time to create and develop the script for mailing or calling to the audience, Email marketing takes lesser time to accomplish this. In Email marketing you can turn a marketing communication instance typically less than two hours. Subsequently, by using recurring email templates, you just need to approve the copy for the email and any changes to the graphics. Use easy database list queries for sending the email and then just click on send.

Helps bring Repeat Business -
Sending regular email updates to company’s customers keeps them engaged with the company and lets them know when sales and special events are taking place. This encourages them to shop with the business more than they may have otherwise.

Personalize message –
In print mailing, telesales campaign and even television advertising, you don’t interact with the client through personalized way. But the marketing through Email provides you the opportunity to communicate with the client in personalized manner. You can send the personal emails with proper username and password to the client and it is the right way to propagate the marketing as it takes the less time to target the client.

Target marketing campaigns through segmentation-
Separate the user and customer database information according to the emails to target the potential customers. You can send extremely marketing campaign emails that will result in increased sales conversion and hence your company revenue also increases.

Global Internet use –
Before you decide against email marketing, think about this: many people check email accounts multiple times a day. Furthermore, many have bought product or service after receiving an email. Having a good e-mail marketing strategy is a huge asset when it comes to getting your name out there and into an email inbox.

Cost effective –
Email campaigns are always more cost effective for a company than any other type of marketing campaign. Not only it is cost effective it saves time as well. Marketing through traditional means is much more time consuming process than a simple email marketing campaign.

Increase the communication piece –
This marketing enormously allows frequent communication between clients. In spite of sending a flyer or catalogue once in a month or on the quarter basis you can easily send the offer messages with a week to grab the attention of potential customers through emails.

Exponentially superior ability to track sales –
A well developed email marketing platforms provide tracking information on how many people opened an email, how many people clicked the link provided in the email etc. All these tracking improve your company sales and increase the ROI.

Follow up on direct email deliveries with an e-mail
Send target audience members a friendly, little reminder after they receive a direct mail piece. A genuine and sincere attempt to communicate with them on a personal level and in a timely fashion may sway them to act on a marketing message or offer.

For all these reasons, it is smart for businesses to engage in email marketing campaigns. Keeping up with changing times is crucial in the business world.

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